Registration is open until 16.5.2019 18:00

To register please write an email to

Please notify the organisers if you want to cancel your registration.

A registration fee of 10 euros is to be paid in cash at the venue before the tournament begins.

Registered players

Points are the WR-Points you get for this rank.Without guarantee!
1279Leon HaussknechtSatyrion Berlinhi427
2294Micael BorghSchlicktown Arctic Veteranoshi362
3342Thomas HaussknechtSatyrion Berlinhi309
4597Ulrich HennemannKaeltestarre 83hi259
5705Micael MyrenBH Chiefs BHhi186
6823Mathias ScheelSatyrion Berlinhi120
7902Wolfgang AbshagenSatyrion Berlinhi1