Berlin Open

ITHF World Table Hockey Tour

Date: Saturday, 13th of May 2017.

Welcome to the Berlin Open, the ITHF World Tour tournament with a difference!

Registration ends Thursday 11.5.2017 18:00

This tournament is the ideal way to prepare for the World Championships, which take place one month later in the Czech Republic. The Berlin Open traditionally attracts an interesting mix of players from Central Europe, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, so it is a great way to encounter a wide variety of different playing styles.

If you can't find the information you are looking for on this website, please contact the organisers at or +491736400743.

Note: special "inverse" timer

After noticing that players often just hold onto the puck for the last 4 or 5 seconds of matches instead of playing until the final buzzer, one player here in Berlin has developed an "inverse" timer. This means that music plays for the first 4½ minutes, followed by 30 seconds of silence before the final buzzer (the opposite of the system used in many countries). As there is no countdown or music in the last seconds, players don't know exactly when the match is going to end, which makes the final phase more exciting.
We will use this system at the 2017 Berlin Open and look forward to your feedback after the event.
However, some players like to have their own timer running during play. As this would give an unfair advantage, the ITHF Executive Committee has allowed the organisers to implement a special rule: The use of personal timers is prohibited at the Berlin Open.

Also note: improved game-fastening system!

At last year's Berlin Open, some players were not entirely satisfied with the system used to fasten the games to the tables. A new system has been developed for 2017, which makes the games much more stable.

Previous winners:

2016 Edgars Caics, Latvia

2015 Michal Hvizd, Czech Republic

2014 Zdenek Matousek ml., Czech Republic

2013 Leos Hvizd ml., Czech Republic

2012 Janne Kokko, Finland

2011 Zdenek Matousek ml., Czech Republic

2010 Juho Rautio, Finland

2009 Mikus Saulitis, Latvia

2008 David Smid, Czech Republic

2007 Lukas Turon, Czech Republic

2006 Oyvind Hansen, Norway

2005 David Smid, Czech Republic